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RE: getting debian on a ds10 to autoboot


Thanks, I have a seperate /boot as ext2, with / as ext3 and your right
aboot.conf is /boot/etc/aboot.conf, which is confusing as there is a
/etc/aboot.conf as well, which I modified....and nothing changed...there
is also vmlinuz and imitrd under / as well as /boot, so it seems a bit


aka thing

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Subject: Re: getting debian on a ds10 to autoboot

On Thu, Nov 25, 2004 at 08:57:32AM +1300, Steven Jones wrote:

> I am trying to get an Alpha box running Debian to autoboot, the
> boots to the aboot prompt, but then I need to type 0 to get it to
> I need it to auotboot.

> Second problem is how do I get the autoboot.conf to commit to disk? I
> installed a new Debian 2.6 kernel, and the sym links have been changed
> point to the new kernel, however at the aboot prompt the box still
shows 0
> as the 2.4 kernel and no 2.6 kernel is shown.

The filename is aboot.conf, not autoboot.conf.  The actual path to this
is /etc/aboot.conf, *relative to the root of the partition that aboot is
configured to look at*.  If you have a separate ext2 /boot partition
(because your root partition is not ext2 formatted), then the config
you need to edit is /boot/etc/aboot.conf.  For that matter, the symlinks
that need to be managed for the kernels and initrds are also located in
/boot -- even though by default, the kernel packages manage symlinks in
instead.  The bootloader management tools for alpha have always been
mature than on i386, and this particular limitation hasn't been resolved
time for sarge; but at least for fixing the future symlink management,
can set link_in_boot = Yes in /etc/kernel-img.conf.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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