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Re: Feral ISP driver: dma map request problem

* Ingvar Hagelund
> I've run into the exact same problem on our Compaq Alphaserver DS10
> 466 MHz, running a kernel.org 2.4.27 with the feral qlogic isp
> driver compiled into the kernel (ie not as a module), in a md raid1
> configuration.
> kernel: pci_map_sg failed: could not allocate dma page tables
> kernel: isp0: unable to dma map request
> Sometimes, the machine continues somewhat to work, sometimes userspace
> hangs. 
> Did anybody go any further with this problem? Are there similar
> problems with 2.6 kernels and the qlogic isp driver(s)?

There's nothing like answering one's own questions. Without testing
2.6.x, I've got the thing stabilized with the qla1280 driver, which
now also includes support for the 1020. The driver (ripped from compiles easily on 2.4.27 with som minor changes to
include/asm-alpha/io.h. I used an even newer version of the driver,
see the linux-scsi list archives for details, but I guess the 3.24.3
version from would work anyway.

an updated qla1280 is the only driver that runs md raid1 stable with
the 1020 on our COMPAQ Alphaserver DS10 466 MHz.


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