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Re: howto boot alpha via SRM without supported SCSI controller

On Fre, 15 Okt 2004, Måns Rullgård wrote:
> > aboot:
> > ======
> > - Put aboot and kernel on a floppy, boot from floppy
> > 	this is working, but I am not a big friend of it.
> aboot and kernel on HD on onboard controller is another option.
> That's how I boot my sx164.

Thanks for the suggestion. I decided to take this route, put a small IDE
disk into the machine, and only get aboot, kernel and root-fs from
there. Anyting else will be done from SCSI disks.

> > - Boot via network/bootp
> > 	this doesn't work up to now, OTOH I want the alpha to be
> > 	not dependent on another machine
> Have you tried booting with aboot over the network.  It's worked for
> me.

Finally I got it to work using the fix from Ivan Kokshaysky.
No I only need a SRM-bootp acceptable NIC for our second alpha ;-)

Best wishes


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