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howto boot alpha via SRM without supported SCSI controller

Hi all!

I am looking for a method to boot our alpha after we have upgraded to a
new SCSI controller, which isn't supported by the SRM console (Adaptec).
(our alpha is CONFIG_PC164)

Up to now I have collected the followng options:

- Put aboot and kernel on a floppy, boot from floppy
	this is working, but I am not a big friend of it.

- Boot via network/bootp
	this doesn't work up to now, OTOH I want the alpha to be
	not dependent on another machine

- Put milo on a flopy disk and boot SRM -> milo
	i haven't succeeded with this up to now, only once with a 
	very old milo.dd, but then I need a second floppy for the kernel
	and this is not feasible
- put mile (if it is running once) into the flash
	hmm, that would be nice ...

So now my questions:
- How do I make a milo bootable floppy?
	I want to take the milo images from http://milo.core-systems.de/
	(Stefan Reinauer), but there is no milo.dd. I found a
	description how to accomplish this:
		objstrip -v -p milo-image mboot
		cat mboot milo-image > milo.dd
	I dd this milo.dd onto a floppy, booted from it, but the process
	stuck at
		Jumping to PALcode
	(or something similar)

- Now assume I can get milo to boot. Is it possible to write milo into
  the flash as described in the MILO HOWTO?
	Our machine is a PC164 board (Booting on EB164 variation PC164
	using machine vector PC164 from SRM, CONFIG_PC164).

- Finally, are there any other options to boot this alpha
	. without the need for another machine (boot server)
	. without floppy

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

Best wishes


Norbert Preining <preining AT logic DOT at>         Technische Universität Wien
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