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audio playback with 2.6.8 kernel....

Hi all -

I upgraded from a 2.4.X kernel a few weeks back and have been
experiencing choppy audio playback whenever I move or scroll
windows in X.

This didn't (doesn't) happen when I us a 2.4 kernel.

My machine is 164LX, 600Mhz, 1GB RAM, a Permedia2 graphics card.

I have tried playback with mpg321 and xmms using both a
standard SB16 ISA card and an Ensoniq1371 card.

I can only get the SB16 to work with the OSS drivers.
The 1371 works with both the OSS and ALSA drivers.
I experience the choppiness no matter the card or
driver type used - any clues?



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