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OSF boot failure

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I have  a DEC Alpha 3000 running on Digital Unix for medical applications. Everything was OK before I removed a cable connected at the rear panel. After that, and even if I reconnect this cable, I have a boot failure with the following message :
Digital Unix boot
Loading vmunix
Loading at fffffc000016e000
current PAL revision
Switching to OSF PALcode succeeded
New PAL revision
Internal limit reached in OSF_BOOT : out of space for 2 pass sgments
halted CPU 0
halt code = 5
HALT instruction executed
PC = 20010530
boot failure
Somebody got an idea ?
Thnks for your help
Dr Stéphane LITRICO
Chef de Clinique - Assistant
Service de Neurochirurgie - Hôpital Pasteur
C.H.U. de Nice

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