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Re: aboot and framebuffer

Thanks for answer Marc,
sorry, the line i wrote was'nt correct. /proc/cmdline is:
rw root=/dev/sda1 video=pm2fb:800x600-16

I tried your 'video'-parameter in lilo.conf at my computer at home:

video=rivafb:mode:800x600-54     <- no effect, 640x480
video=rivafb:800x600-54          <- no effect, 640x480
video=rivafb:800x600-24 	 <- it works ! 
video=rivafb:800x600-32		 <- it works !

i think the video-parameter do not check the mode-names in /etc/fb.modes.

Is there a way to check what a framebuffer device i have to specify in 
aboot.conf ? if i check dmesg on my i386 machine there are lines like:

rivafb: nVidia device/chipset 10DE0253
rivafb: Detected CRTC controller 0 being used
rivafb: RIVA MTRR set to ON
rivafb: PCI nVidia NV20 framebuffer ver 0.9.5b (nVidiaGeForce4 T, 128MB @ 

i think the 'rivafb' is the video device i have to specify in lilo.conf. but 
on my Miata at work i know that there is no 'pm2fb:' line in dmesg, only 'fb: 
lines. i send the part of the dmesg tomorrow when i'm at work...

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