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RE: Debian Installer - Problems Partitioning

Well, note I say "if you have to have Linux".  For me, Tru64 Unix works
like a dream on Alpha assuming of course you want to pay the big old
license fees.  And Windows works... uh, predictably on Intel,
assuming... well, you know.  And also I'm only comparing Debian with Red
Hat.  Red Hat has a couple of problems.  First, it's stuck on 7.2 on
Alpha, so you have to either maintain two different versions or stick on
7.2 for everything.  Second, it's a big headache to maintain.  RPM
doesn't manage dependencies, and managing them myself always seems to
lead me (being dumb as a box of rocks) down a blind alley of cascading
dependencies that end up in desperately trusting some not-quite-right
RPM ("well, I can't find 7.2, maybe 7.1 will do") that almost works but
doesn't and hours have flown past and it still doesn't work and, what's
more, I've now installed so many shady libraries from rpmfind that I've
probably compromised the system's integrity and  broken something else
that I won't find out about until next week.  The Debian dependency
manager takes care of all that stuff very nicely once the system is
running the way you want it.  The challenge with Debian is making all
the hardware work in the first place; once you do, there is almost no
system administration to speak of.  Caveat: of course, if you're not
lazy and stupid like me, you will probably do fine with Red Hat.


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On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Speakman, John H./Epidemiology-Biostatistics wrote:

> I do think if you have to have Linux it should be Debian.

For someone who has had so much trouble with both Intel and Alpha, why

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