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Information about Alpha XL/XLT

Hello everyone,

Here is a message I got today.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ask Jakobsen [mailto:ask@memphys.sdu.dk] 
> Sent: May 31, 2004 11:00
> To: Jean-Sebastien Guay
> Subject: Digital Alpha 300 XL
> Hi Jean-Sébastien,
> I found a post that you made:
> "If you need any more advice on this type of machine, just 
> ask. I have a
> Windows HLP file that has some nice info on the actual 
> hardware found in
> Alpha XL 300, 333 and 366 machines, made by Digital themselves. I can
> send it to you if you want. It was very helpful to me."
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-alpha/2004/03/msg00004.html
> I was wondering if you would be so kind to mail the above 
> mentioned file to me.
> That would be great.
> I only got 64MB and it is very slow. Where did you buy the 
> (special) RAM?
> And can only find something that is twice as expensive.
> Kind regards,
> 		Ask Jakobsen

I have gotten a few like this lately, and would just like to answer publicly
so that people searching the archives can get the info from a central

First of all, the Windows .HLP file I have with info about XL/XLT hardware
came from this post in the debian-alpha list :

The link still seems to be working, but perhaps Debian could host the file
in a more relevant location? I personally found it very useful in getting
the right parts to upgrade my machine.

(Windows HLP files can be opened on Linux too, with WinHelp for Linux or
other tools. Google is your friend :-) )

Second of all, I got the RAM (and other parts I got to upgrade my XLT-366)
from eBay. Normally, a search for "parity SIMM" or something like that gives
some good results.

Anyways, I hope this info is useful to others. If there are any more
questions, don't hesitate to ask, but preferably on the list.


Jean-Sébastien Guay       jean_seb@videotron.ca

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