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Re: Sarge install problem

Hello Jonathan,
On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 10:45:13AM +1000, Jonathan Kelly wrote:
> I tried to install Sarge from the cd-mini.iso from 30/04/2004 sized
> 5742592.
> I eventually booted it OK, as the machine is uses MILO, so is not
> straight forward. BTW, is milo not being supported in Sarge?

Yes. Since noone stepped up to add support for milo in d-i, only SRM
is supported. If milo works, it is by chance :-)). Volunteers for this
are, of course, welcome. Unless you cannto switch, I'd strongly
suggest SRM though, especially if you are installing afresh. Mmmh,
sorry, I just see you have a Ruffian, then of course, SRM is not an

> So, everything goes OK until network config. It detects both my
> network cards, and onboard DEC 21142/43 and a RTL8139. I select the
> RTL as DEC is flaky. It fails DHCP and when I set it up manually it is
> unable to retrieve the Release file. The long on console 4 shows the
> following error
> <date> (none) syslog.warn klogd: eth1: Too much work at interrupt Intr
> Status=0x0001
> dmesg shows
> eth1: Identified 8139 chip type RTL-8139C
> and later
> eth1: link up, 100Mbps, full duplex, lpa 0x45E1
> I know the network is OK because I have Woody installed and can boot
> into that and access the web fine.
> The machine is
> PC164ux/bx Ruffian 600MHz arcS bios (yuk)
> 512M memory
> DEC 21142/43 onboard network card (flaky)
> RTL8139 PCI network card
> Matrox Millenium II graphics card
> SCSI controller sym53c875

Which kernel are you using in woody? Are you using the RTL8139 module
in woody as well?



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