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Sarge install problem


I tried to install Sarge from the cd-mini.iso from 30/04/2004 sized

I eventually booted it OK, as the machine is uses MILO, so is not
straight forward. BTW, is milo not being supported in Sarge?

So, everything goes OK until network config. It detects both my
network cards, and onboard DEC 21142/43 and a RTL8139. I select the
RTL as DEC is flaky. It fails DHCP and when I set it up manually it is
unable to retrieve the Release file. The long on console 4 shows the
following error

<date> (none) syslog.warn klogd: eth1: Too much work at interrupt Intr

dmesg shows

eth1: Identified 8139 chip type RTL-8139C

and later

eth1: link up, 100Mbps, full duplex, lpa 0x45E1

I know the network is OK because I have Woody installed and can boot
into that and access the web fine.

The machine is

PC164ux/bx Ruffian 600MHz arcS bios (yuk)
512M memory
DEC 21142/43 onboard network card (flaky)
RTL8139 PCI network card
Matrox Millenium II graphics card
SCSI controller sym53c875


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