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Re: Alpha PWS 433a and Adaptec AHA-294X Boot Blues

> > Woody boot floppies or new Debian Installer?
> I've downloaded the beta 4 Debian-Installer image and I'll give it a try 
> at home tonight ... actually I meant to do this over the weekend but the 
> weather was so good that beer and BBQ's beckoned too strongly; please try 
> to forgive me :-)

snip ...

> I'll try the Installer CD tonight and if that fails fall back onto the 
> Woody boot floppies as suggested.

Hi Helge,

now I don't want to appear overly pessimistic but this is not looking
particularly promising. Here's where I've got to after this evening's
boot attempts.

I downloaded the Beta 4 of the Debian Installer for Alpha (both the ISO
and the two boot floppies just to be on the safe side) and the Woody
floppy images.

Attempt 1 - Boot the Installer CD from the AlphaBIOS

No joy; the AlphaBIOS refused to budge on this; insisting that the boot
configuration was invalid (this was not only during the definition of the 
boot configuration but also when attempting the boot itself).

On closer examination it appears that the reason behind the boot failure 
is that the milo directory on the CD is empty - no linload.exe, no milo 
... ?

Onto attempt 2

Attempt 2 - Boot the Installer Floppies from the AlphaBIOS

Again - no joy; the AlphaBIOS whinged about an invalid configuration when 
defining the boot config but I'm getting used to that. This time, when I 
selected my new floppy based configuration nothing happened. No activity 
on the floppy drive, no access light flashing, nothing.

Attempt 3 - Boot the Installer Floppies from the SRM

You've probably guessed but again, no joy. This time, the transcript 
looked something like this ...

>>> boot dva0 -flags 0
(boot dva0. -flags 0)
block 0 of dva0. is not a valid boot block

Attempt 4 - Boot the Woody floppies from the AlphaBIOS

Exactly the same as for attempt 2

Attempt 5 - Boot the Woody floppies from the SRM

Again, the same as for attempt 3

I've also tried the milo images from http://www.suse.de/~stepan which 
Juhana Paavola suggested in an earlier reply to my initial post; with 
exactly the same results.

I'm getting the feeling that I'm missing out on something fairly 
fundamental here; but what it is I have no idea at the moment.

Sorry to be the bearer of less than glad tidings; any other suggestions 
most gratefully received.



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