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Re: Alpha PWS 433a and Adaptec AHA-294X Boot Blues

On Wed, 12 May 2004, Gary Gale wrote:

> So far, so good. However, when I boot the machine, either via the
> JumpStart CD or via a floppy based linload->MILO boot configuration,
> almost everytime the boot of the kernel hangs after the following
> diagnostics ...
What MILO version you are using ?
I got working MILO from SuSE's distro, version was something 2.2-17.

> The frustrating thing is that I _know_ this box is capable of running
> Debian (even though only via the AlphaBIOS as the onboard SCSI adaptor
> doesn't seem to be supported by the SRM) as I've seen it with my own two
> eyes.
It should run, my PWS600 runs Debian/Linux right now.

But, could there be some things with SCSI ?
Termination ?
I have seen that bad termination doesn't mean that WinNT doesn't work, it
runs but may hang sometimes.
And same config for Linux/Tru64 hangs at boot every time.

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