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Re: ALSA sound on an AS255

> alias sound-slot-0 snd-ad1848
> options snd-ad1848 port=0x530 irq=9 dma1=3
> with ALSA (stock Linus 2.6.5), this just produces
> # modprobe sound-slot-0
> FATAL: Error inserting snd_ad1848 (/lib/modules/2.6.5/kernel/sound/isa/ad1848/snd-ad1848.ko): No such device

I had a problem like this on the PWS500 (which uses snd-es18xx).  The
solution was to pass only (you could probably specify the port, irq,
and dma, but it wasn't required) the isapnp=0 option.

Maybe experimenting with isapnp=0 could produce some results for the
snd-ad1848 module as well.


PS:  For anyone trying to use the snd-es18xx driver, there is a patch you
have (possibly had -- haven't checked recently) to apply to stop it from
doing endless loopbacks when playing sound.

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