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Recommendation for kernel/compiler versions on CS20?

I was just given a couple DS20L(CS20), but I cannot seem to get any
version of the kernel to compile that doesn't panic trying to mount the root fs.

For now, I'm running a pre-packaged 2.2.20-generic (20021219) 3.0r1 'woody',
and gcc 2.95.4.  I've tried to build (2.2.20, 2.2.22) without SMP to avoid what I've
seen about SMP issues, but no luck.

	Is there a chance someone could help me out with identifying a
functional semi-stable kernel version, compiler, maybe even a .config
that is known to work on a CS20?


Dan Cernese                                             dan<at>hp.com
Hewlett-Packard Company                      phone: +1 (603) 884-0289
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