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Re: messed up kernel

On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 11:00:26PM +0100, Conny Enström wrote:
> I compiled a new kernel on my Alpha Debian machine But the sound module
> turned out to be wrong, now it freezes during boot when the sound card is
> detected.
> Can I remove or bypass that section so i can get in and re-compile a new
> kernel?

if you used the alpha tools (i.e. make-kpkg and then installed with
dpkg -i) then the old kernel is still available. I assume you use SRM,
then you simply do

b dqa0 -fl "i"

replace dq0 with your boot drive. Next do "l" to list all kernels
available to you. There should be an entry starting with "1" (or even
more). Simply hit "1" now and back you boot into your old kernel.

You can also list your file system there, in case you do not have an
explicit entry and then manually type in the boot command for your old
kernel (take the current one as an example).


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