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Re: Monitoring Files

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 05:20:08PM -0400, Tyson Whitehead wrote:
> Is anyone else having problems with all the KDE apps crashing (last several 
> unstable releases) whenever a file is changed in a directory they are 
> monitoring (open file dialogue, save file dialogue, etc).
> (i.e. konqueor crashes if you create a file in the directory it is looking at, 
> kmail crashes when you ask it to save an attachement to a folder, kword 
> crashes when you create a file in a directory the open file dialogue is 
> looking at, etc, etc).

I experience them same problem with konquerer, but I thought it was
one of those "compile with -mieee-Problems" which should be gone soon
as gcc now defaults to -mieee on alpha. I only use konqueror (and then
mainly as file manager), but it is very anoying to see konqueror
vanish in the back when I only did some work in an xterm (which
involved moving some files, e.g.).

If you are able to trace the problem, please file a bug. If there is
anything I can help, please tell me what I should do. I really love to
have a stable konqueror again[1]!



[1] In woody konqueror was stable, altough it did home some other
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