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Re: Calling all testers: debian-installer images for sarge/alpha

On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 11:55:59AM -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > Can anyone give a summary of what it would take to support AlphaBIOS?
> Someone needs to come up with maintainable MILO images (which preferably
> means something that we can build from source, since MILO is based on a
> Linux kernel) and provide a way to integrate them into the debian-cd
> build process.

What I would suggest is:

1.  Read the archives of both axp-alpha
    list and debian-alpha list (the link on www.debian.org/ports/alpha is
    outdated, use http://www.lib.uaa.alaska.edu/axp-list/ for researching
    the alpha list) and compile a list of "known to work" milos for the
    various milo-only machines. Also issues regarding building milos
    have been discussed several times.

2.  Check out the MILO-FAQ on www.alphalinux.org. I just updated it
    and a newer version should appear there soon (but my updates
    mainly concerned links and formatting so don't ask me any milo
    specific details). You should get an idea of how milo was created
    and about the x86-emulation part.
3.  Especially look at Stepan Rainauers and the Gentoo work which are
    the latest changes to the sources; the milos from Stepan should
    boot most (but, as I remember, not all) non-SRM-alphas.

4.  If you figures out which milo for which alpha and which milo can
    be actually build from source with current tools (or how to work
    around limitations of current tools) then I suggest creating a
    sample package (or at least a Makefile which creates the milos and
    takes care of installing them properly) and posting your finding
    together with a reference to this sample package on this list. I
    guess people on this list (or maybe debian-boot) can help you from
    this point on.

If you need any link or more information from the SRM side, feel free
to contact me.



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