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Re: DAC960 Alpha support (was: Re: Redhat 7.2 on a DEC ALPHA 2100)


I've been kind of lurking on this since getting a 2100 with a DAC960
last year. I managed to flash the single chip firmware up to 2.7 and
have been able to install RH7.2 successfully without any major problems.
I did the flash by transferring card across to P2. Only issue i've found
so far is graphics cards but thats a different story :o)

Hope this gives encouragement to those trying with the DAC960.


>>> Jay.Estabrook@hp.com 01/26/04 21:44 PM >>>
On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 10:50:47AM -0800, MC wrote:
> I'm a little confused on the model/firmware:
> I just bought a DAC960PU-3 (D040397) thinking that I could replace the
> non-ultra PD that I have without problems. But the card just arrived,
> and it has two bios chips - 3.51 firmware version.  While I am
> I could put root on it, will I be able to actually boot to an array on
> this card (as I do with my currnt setup) with the 3.5 firmware as
> opposed to the DEC 2.7 firmware?  My system is an AS1200.

That's a VERY good question...

The Linux driver will be happy using the later firmware, but I really
don't know what will happen with SRM console.

> BTW, if i can't use this dual chip setup, can the chips be repolaced
> with a single chip with the 2.7 firmware?

Uh, I don't know this either... :-\

I don't know if we ever sold those D040397 cards with later FW than
2.70. If we DID, then the console should work.

I know we sold some later DAC960 cards with FW > 3.0, but I don't know
if the earlier cards, or older consoles, were updated to work this

Good luck, and let us know how you make out...


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