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Re: Feral ISP driver: dma map request problem

On Saturday 10 January 2004 10:35 am, Ulrich Harttig wrote:
> I'm not sure about the exact type of the system so I've
> attched parts of the boot message that might give a hint.
> Its a XP-1000 Professional workstation, Model No E2F6W-V2
> (which seems to indicate a 500 Mhz Prozessor )
> We also have other XP1000 with Model No E2F6W-32 (also 500 Mhz
> ?) and E2G6W-CA.(667 Mhz ??) Do you think any of these systems
> would behave better ?

XP1000 is "Monet", a Tsunami-based EV6x system.  AFAIK there are 
no known issues with its PCI DMA mapping, so I don't know what's 
up here.  I doubt the other XP1000 systems would behave much 
differently; OTOH, it should be a simple matter to just 
transplant the drive between machines and see what happens.  I 
doubt a faulty drive would be causing this sort of problem, so 
it's down to either the controller, the motherboard, or the 

(Currently your ISP driver is the same version as mine, too.  
Oddness. :?)

> Could  you give me a some advice which alternatives would make
> sense if the controller issue can not be resolved ?
> Could a separate SCSI Controller circumvent the problem and
> lead to a more stable system ?

Possibly, yes.  The XP1000 running SRM reportedly supports 
Adaptec controllers up to 39160 (and perhaps farther).  
Currently the Adaptec 2940UW has good Linux support under Alpha, 
with pretty much every SCSI feature you might want short of LVD 
SCSI speeds.  I'm not sure how an U2W or x9160 would behave, 
aside from being SRM-compatible.

> Or could one try a large IDE drive ( we use the machine as
> SAMBA file server and need at least 70 GB drive space) since
> the XP1000 has ATAPI support ? Thanks again

IDE would work, yes, but onboard IDE on Alpha platforms is 
typically dog-slow.  These beasts are really designed for SCSI 
and support onboard IDE merely as an afterthought.  I've heard 
good results (including good performance) from people popping in 
offboard ATA100 or ATA133 controllers, though.

For now I'd file a bug report with Matthew Jacob 
(mjacob@feral.com) and see what he says.  I've found he's pretty 
good about responding to issues.

"If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does 
it still cost four figures to fix?"

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