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Re: Rookie questions

Alle 12:11, martedì 4 novembre 2003, Mark Abreu ha scritto:
>  On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 13:23:46 +0100, Roberto Bernetti wrote:   >In dselect
> you have to choose X windows too, it is the first item. >The problems I
> encountered was with the Xfree86 driver, after some >test I discovered that
> the rigth driver was "glint", my workstation >has a glory synergy video
> card, , and if I remember well you have >not to choose the frame-buffering
> mode. 
> >A 100% compatible soundblaster is present and has been installed
> >using the "kernel module installer"  Thanks.  
>This brings up another
> problem.  Like I said, I've gone through this install quite a few times and
> am enjoying the practice, but only ONCE did the "x windows" choice in
> dselect appear.  It showed up above the "desktop" choice as I recall.  Once
> I spotted it I look for it in every install but it's never showed up
> again.  

I made the installation some time ago, I recall some similar behaviour, 
connected with the not full scanning of the 7 CD in the distribution, I 

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