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Re: 2.4.22 boots perfect on DEC PWS Miata 433a


Can you send me your config file ?

Thanks in advance,



Le jeu 30/10/2003 à 00:39, Juraj Holtak a écrit :
> Reporting success booting kernel 2.4.22 on DEC PWS Miata 433a.
> I have sound, reiserfs, tulip AND ide-cdrom working.
> Netfilter code still causes many many kernel unalligned acc`s.
> I compiled  2.4.22 fresh from kernel.org using the toolschain that comes with 
> debian-woody because the debian kernel-source-2.4.22 failed to boot when 
> initializing scsi (adaptec 2940uw). 
> I`m booting via Alphabios + MILO from scsi hardware.
> Looks good enough to me to replace 2.4.20 :)

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