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Re: DS20, DAC960 and raid hd

El mié, 29-10-2003 a las 14:53, Nathan Poznick escribió:
> Thus spake ghe_rivero@ranty.pantax.net:
> I could not install onto my DAC960 controller, because I needed the
> patch to the DAC960 kernel driver to recognize the DEC custom firmware.
	I have this problem solved, but when i boot, i cannot partition any
hardisk because Debian doesn't find anyone. Maybe that's cause' i have
the 10x4Gb hd with RAID 5... Any ideas?¿

> I ended up taking one of the drives off the DAC960 controller and
> connecting it directly to the onboard SCSI controller, and installing
> onto that.  Once the system was installed, I could compile my own kernel
> and make use of the drives connected to the DAC960.

	That could be a Solution!

	Ghe Rivero




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