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Re: DS20, DAC960 and raid hd

Thus spake ghe_rivero@ranty.pantax.net:
> Hello people!
>     I'm back again. After some study and investigation, I discover that
> any Linux will boot on my machine cause the DAC960 firmware was so
> old. Now, it's updated to 2.73, and the Disk configured with the RCU
> from HP.
>     The problem now it's that anyone detect the hard disk so i can't not
> install it anyway. Any advice before lost time doing nothing?

I could not install onto my DAC960 controller, because I needed the
patch to the DAC960 kernel driver to recognize the DEC custom firmware.
I ended up taking one of the drives off the DAC960 controller and
connecting it directly to the onboard SCSI controller, and installing
onto that.  Once the system was installed, I could compile my own kernel
and make use of the drives connected to the DAC960.

> PD.- http://linux.upsa.es/gallery/Aulas/Fotograf_a_0016
> Here is the machine and the tower with more HD (Hidden by the chair)

Here's mine :)


Nathan Poznick <poznick@conwaycorp.net>

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