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2.6.0-test9 kernel....

Hi all -

I've been tring to using the most recent 2.6.0-test9 kernel
with my "stable" Debian installaiton.

I built the kernel with gcc-3.0 (3.3  caused an alignment fixup
that killed init).  I've also built previous test versions
with 2.95 and have the same problem.

I can boot and all seems fine until gdm/X starts - a few seconds
afterwards, the whole machine hangs.

I have a 164LX/600Mhz/1GB/Adaptec SCSI (I've tried the "old" and the
new driver)/Permedia2.

I can boot into single user mode, and everything seems fine,
although oddly, I receive a similar (if not the same) "hanging"
behavior if I try to switch from run-level 1 to run-level 1 (if I
do an "init 1" while booted into single user mode).

Has anyone else observed this problem?  Any suggestions as to how I
may be able to track down the offending driver or service?



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