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alpha 500au no boot on CD Debian 3.O

I arrive with a problem on Alpha 500au, RAM 712 Mo, system Miata, console SRM
It currently turns with Redhat 7.1 on 2.4.3-12

I have original CD of linuxcentral version 3.0 of my distrib preferred...

But: the direct boot on Cd do not function.

I tried a lot of method those present on the Net, and at best,
it is has to say when I manage to initialize a core linux the machine "gele"
after the listing of the peripherals (finishing by the two DD)

No I but error message before (with my direction), can't copy toyou the logs
since the only action which is then allowed to me is "Ctrl + Alt + Suppr".

I did not know yet to enter the bios (it would be can be a step) Thank you for suggestions.

PS: scuse my "french_english"

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