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Alpha Server 1200 and 2.4.x


I have two Alpha Server 1200 boxes that have been upgraded :-) to run Debian
stable. However, I don't seem to be able to make them run the latest 2.4 kernel,
which looks to be 2.4.18-1. During install of the kernel-image deb there are
complaints about unresolved symbols, and if I run depmod -a <kernel version> -F
<System.map location> manually it throws up a lot of the same again. The
machines refuse to boot if I try to use that kernel (no surprise). The boxes run
2.2.22 just fine. I have no experience with Alpha, and know next to nothing
about them. COuld it be that this system is not supported by 2.4 kernels?

Any thoughts welcome.

Ragnar Wisløff
life is reach. then you gybe.

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