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problem bootstrapping second disk


I've got a problem that is not specifically debian related, but maybe you guys 
can help me.

I'm installing gentoo onto my second disk on a sx164, beside the debian 3.0 
install that is on my first disk.

All goes pretty well , until I come to the part where I need to boot my new 
setup. I've run "swriteboot -f3 /dev/sdb bootlx" , (-f3 because my "c" 
partition is the whole drive), and also ran "abootconf /dev/sdb 2"
and created a /etc/aboot.conf. (partitioning is ok , left space at the 
beginning of the disk, bsd disklabel)
The kernel that I build (a 2.4.21) works well when copied over to my first 
disk, with debian.

But from srm , I cannot get the second disk to boot, it will just hang after 
the "jumping to bootstrap" line. It does seem to load the aboot secondary
loader but the nothing.
Also, I cannot get into aboot interactive mode using  -fl "i" , on either 

I can't figure out what I did wrong, or if I forgot something......

Any hints are greatly appreciated.


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