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Alpha Not Responding Properly

I have Alpha UP2000+ Motherboard with Dual 833Mhz 4mb Cache Processor.
with Redhat 7.1 Installed.
Recently it started giving some problems.
1) it works fine for some time and then hangs on its own.
2) It displays blue and black strips on SRM Console
3) One of the Cpu Comes up with SROM LED ON but some time it fails to do 
so which make it work with single CPU.Things I have tried.
I have re assembled the computer cleaning with Iso Prop. Alcohol 
retightened up the motherboard and CPU.I have changed the hard drive after which it ran for 17 Hours but after 
which it started giving the same problems again.
Till Now It has spoiled up my CPU and Hard drive

Any guess of how to recover the data as I can mount only boot partition 
and the other partition it says is having some problems.Any Ideas are Welcomed 

Thanks in Advance


Mohd. Irfan R Khan
Sr. System Engineer.

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