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need tester for tk8.3 bug

I need to confirm whether tk8.3 bugs #151435 and #156702 are still
present in testing/unstable.  These are alpha-specific bugs, and I
don't have an alpha.

Upstream was unable to reproduce on their alphas (running RH), so I
think there's a strong possibility these bugs are fixed.  But I'd like
to confirm before closing the reports.

I've attached a small script which can be used to test both bugs.  The
script should produce a red quarter-circle inside of a square.  Can
someone please try this and let me know if it works?  (Note: I'm not
subscribed to this list, so please cc me.)


Chris Waters           |  Pneumonoultra-        osis is too long
xtifr@debian.org       |  microscopicsilico-    to fit into a single
or xtifr@speakeasy.net |  volcaniconi-          standalone haiku
pack [canvas .c -height 110 -width 110 ]
.c create rect 10 10 100 100

.c create arc 20 20 90 90 -start 0 -extent 90 -fill red

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