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Windows Sound System (AS500) + Kernel 2.4 problems


I finally solved almost all my problems:

I've managed to get my Voodoo3 running (by booting from MILO, using the
NoInt10 option in XFree86), my Hauppauge works, even my 2nd Ethernet and
my TokenRing cards work!

However there is just a small problem:
the sound doesn't work anymore with my custom (2.4.21-pre5) kernel!

Using the default 2.2.20 kernel that comes with woody the sound
works fine (thanks James ;) using the Windows Sound System driver
(AD1848/CS4231A, io=0x530, irq=9, dma=1, dma2=0).

Booting into 2.4 the kernel module loads fine (and won't load with any
other io/irq settings) and detects the sound card, but I can't access
/dev/audio nor /dev/dsp (device/file not found and similar). I also tried
similar sound drivers such as C4232 and PSS, but these won't work/detect
any sound cards at all. (I'm using the standard OSS drivers,
with the recommended options 'persistent DMA buffers' and 'verbose
initialization'). I also don't think it's an IRQ conflict ...

Is this a known bug in the kernel 2.4 or has something changed between 2.2
to 2.4 so that I need to specify other options or load other/additional

Another question:
what is the recommended gcc to compile the kernel with on the Alpha
architecture (I'm using the standard woody gcc-2.95.4)?
What about gcc-3.2.3 or gcc-3.3 (more performance, more features or just
more bugs on Alpha)?

Thanks, Max

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