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have my Alpha up and running

running 3.0. thank you to all the folks on the list (and some off list) for all the help.

As usual, I still have a few nits that I'm not sure exactly how to solve.

1) I upgraded to the 2.4.18 kernel that I found via dselect. Everything upgraded fine, I added the INITRD specifier in the aboot.conf file and then I discovered that it's not loading the tulip module for the ethernet card. Normally, I would expect to just add an entry to modules.conf but reading those files tells me otherwise.

What should I change to include the tulip module in the boot ramdisk?

2) I want to turn of starting gdm. I almost never use X locally as the machine sits in my basement.

3) any good books or documents on general Debian administration? It's different enough from Red Hat that my reflexes just aren't right.

many thanks


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