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Compaq Smart 2DH

I was wondering if it'd be possible to have one of these in my alpha. The performance of the Qlogic 1020a I have now is way below desired (whilst my NCR810 does perform perfectly) and am thus in doubt to replace it with a smart 2dh from a stripped proliant lying around. I guess I at least won't be able to configure it on the alpha itself, but if I'd configure it in a Proliant, with the 2 subject disks to be placed in the alpha and then move it to the alpha, would this work?
I boot from a smaal disk on the 810 under srm, so the initialising can be done by then kernel, but will it init properly on the alpha?  (Subject system is my EB164.)
Just thought of another thing. Guess 2 10K disks + Smart 2DH will comsume some amount of power, and the EB164 states in it's manual to use a powersupply capable of at least 300W. But the only AT supply I found with the required 3.3V lead is only rated 245W. Could this cause any severe problems? Or are those requirements quitte above the actual needs?
And in the case my supply isn't powerfull enough. Does anybody happen to know which powersupplies currently available still are AT and have the 3.3V leads?
Thanks in advance!

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