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Re: bzflag on Alpha

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 11:21:59PM +0100, Jan Lentfer wrote:
> I tried to run the bzflag package from stable on my DEC PWS 500a, but
> whenever the actual 3D part starts, the program bailed out with
> "floating point exception".

> Finally it seems you need the -mieee option to get bzflag running on
> Alpha. Maybe (well, for sure if my suggestion proofs to be rigth) that

> PS (for the list): By the way, gltron quits with floating point
> exception, too. I haven't checked if this can be solved my adding -mieee
> yet, maybe someone could. I am short on time at the moment.

I'll check those progs in the next days. But I am against simply
sticking -mieee to the flags, i rather see the bugs closed
appropriately. Best ist to build with "-g" (and no -mieee) and run gdb
on the core file to get a backtrace and stick that into BTS or hand it
to upstream.



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