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Re: building kernel

Alexander Kotelnikov <sacha@debian.org> writes:

> Actually, I've started my experiments after I found out that
> decompression of digital audio (mp3, ogg, etc) that are floation
> point operations IIRC, are peformed on my 600ua much less
> efficiently, than, say, on Celeron 566. For instance, xmms plaing
> 128kbps takes about 6% of alpha and about 1% of C566.

I don't think they actually use floating point; floating point math is
one of the areas where Alphas really excel. Those routines are most
likely written with MMX on i386, but use plain integer math on Alpha.

Recompiling with gcc flags specific to your architecture might help
with xmms; I recompiled xmms after I noticed it was very slow, with
-mcpu=ev67, and it got noticeably faster. You can find the optimal gcc
flags for your machine with http://people.debian.org/~falk/gcc-arch.


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