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Re: apt-get locks machine.

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 04:15:05PM +0000, Tim Cutts wrote:
> I've been seeing random ethernet lockups on my alpha PC164 box, with a
> DEC ethernet card.  I have a cron job running every 5 minutes which
> attempts to ping my firewall.  If it fails to get a response, it does
> ifdown eth0; ifup eth0.  Hacky, but works.

A real PC164, ie not an LX or SX? And running under SRM, not MILO?

Be aware that some interrupt delivery patches for PC164 under SRM went
in to the 2.4.x series along about 2.4.11 or thereabouts, and folks
that had been complaining about NIC lockups (or worse) were happier...

> I think I'll replace the ethernet card with something else at some
> point.  I have a spare FA-311 kicking around which I know works in Intel
> boxes - anyone know whether they work in the Alpha?

May work, but may not, or may cause lots of unaligned accesses, depending
on the phase of the moon... ;-}

Good luck.


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