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Re: up2000 too big for most cases?

Tom Vier wrote:
i'm getting a up2000, and i've got my eye on a coolermaster 200 case. are
the big slot b modules a problem? will it fit in any midsize atx case?

Speak to Maurice Hilarius at HardData they have cases for the UP2000. They have a 3u Rack mount case that looks very good for the UP2000, I have one on order. Also if you need any spares etc, then they can usually supply.

If your still wanting a coolermaster then the new 4u rack case they've brought out should take the board, they say it will take a 13"x12" ATX motherboard. Also Lian Li do some cases that take the 13"x12" ATX boards too. However the only issue is the extra holes required for mounting the CPU mounts (Goal Posts), most boards do not have the holes, you can drill them yourself which is easy with any case that has a removable CPU tray like the Lian Li and Coolermaster cases.


Stephen Kapp.

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