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Re: netbooting alphastation 500 with current debian

On 2002.10.15 08:40 alex avriette wrote:
I did not use serial console, so it's possible that's what's fouling you up. I see you downloaded alpha.img rather than building it yourself. Are you sure the kernel within contains support for serial

Yeah. That's what I was thinking last night. Do you have a URL for the image bootprocess?

I don't have URLs for any of what I did, unfortunately. But it was the standard Debian install stuff, iirc.

I used dhcpd, not bootp, for this process. Much easier to configure. Here's the dhcpd.conf entry I used for this system:

Curious, all the information I found said that dhcpd was not sufficient, that it was bootp or nothing.

Nope, dhcpd works fine. Debian package 'dhcp'.
I had to upgrade the firmware for the VMS installer, so we're good there.

Ahh, I didn't even see this in your earlier message. This is your problem, I bet. You need to do (at SRM) 'set ostype unix' (or is it osf?). Otherwise it will try to use the VMS PALcode, which is not the same. That also explains why it tried so hard to do MOP boot, as that's what VMS likes.


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