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Re: No pcmcia-modules for alpha

On Thursday 10 October 2002 11:14, Herbert Xu wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 09, 2002 at 10:21:54PM +0200, jaap  hogenberg wrote:
> > I've rebuilt the image and it now loads, but hangs before it loads the
> > kernel or does anything, it looks identical to what happens when I load
> > the 2.4.18 kernel.
> Please download initrd-tools 0.1.31 from unstable, apply the following
> patch, and let me know how it goes.

Ok , I've done that , but it does not help , same result .... 
The initrd image that it builds is now less than 1 Mb....
Anything else I can try , or provide you (Herbert Xu) with more info ?

I'll try and build a 2.4 kernel for the multia on my sx, 
and see if I can get that to boot on my multia.

It seems to me that running either the 2.4.18-generic pre built kernel
or the initrd (any version) on a multia fails. Can anyone confirm this ?
Or better yet, prove me wrong  :-) 

Jaap Hogenberg

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