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Re: Gentoo Linux realeased on Alpha

At 17:11 26/09/2002 +0100, Peter Watkinson sent this up the stick:

What's the difference with Gentoo?

Gentoo is a "built form source" distro - everything, including the initial install, is built on the machine to be installed.

The way it works is that there is a"stage 1" tarball that you extract to some mount point and then chroot into it, download (emerge) the sources for the rest of the kernel and OS and build/install them.

I don't think it's designed as a rock-solid server OS, more along the lines of a "tweakers linux" with the latest of everything.


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> Apologies for the cosspost, but it's nice to see Gentoo have a port of
> their distro on the Alpha processor.
> More info at http://www.gentoo.org

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