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UP1100 system

I recently got a UP1100 system and it has been giving me a hell of a
time trying to get it to boot properly. If anybody could give me any
help with these issues, it would be greatly appreciated.

1. in what manner do I unpack the zip file of the firmware onto a floppy
disk? stick a fat12 on it and just unzip into there, or what?

2. hopefully flashing it will fix this issue, but most times I turn it
on it does not bring up the VGA but sits there with the red mobo light
on and the speaker either on constantly or beeping four times and the
stopping. this thing doesn't do anybody any good if it doesn't freaking
get into the SRM console at least.

3. when it doesn't bring up the VGA, is there the possibility that it
has reverted to a serial console? if so, what settings should I use on
the terminal emulator to be able to view that properly?

4. the rare times that I have managed to get it to boot, whenever the
kernel being booted is a 2.4 kernel, it seems to go really slow on the
IDE detection and in fact hang up, at least to the point where the
keyboard doesn't really do any good. what IDE options should I compile
the kernel with to make it not lock up on the ALi?

5. with both kernel 2.2 and 2.4, I get ~309192 bogomips. What. the.

~jeffrey :j

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