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RE: em86

> It is quite hopless, since the em86 binary (from Digital) does not work
> with glibc version greater than 2.0. It needs some major hacking and there

It doesn't have to.  LD_PRELOAD the 2.0 libraries and it should work. There's
something else that you may not be aware of which may suit your needs however I
have not tested it myself.


Says it works on Alpha.

> does not seem to be enough incentive around to do this if my understanding
> is correct.
> The last notes I found about work on em86 was there (support for 2.2
> kernels, attempt to make it work with glibc 2.1 ...):
> http://www.cs.rose-hulman.edu/~donaldlf/em86/

What's left of his unfinished work can be found in the mirror of the
alphalinux.org @ http://gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/linux/alphalinux/ .

Unfortunetly. It doesnt appear to be there anymore. So unless someone
can find where the mirror has been stuck or 'someone' still has a mirror
of what was ftp.alphalinux.org. That work and that of many others (including
my own) has been lost.

After some searching on the net I found a mirror of 'just' the em86 section of
ftp.alphalinux.org .


Everything applicable seems to be there.
I wish you luck.

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