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Re: UP2000+ and IDE-RAID

> the ones used in the promise IDE driver however I do not know if their
> RAID varients have been tested on Alpha. Either way. You will not be

  Too bad... I would not like to be the first one to test...

> able to use any such device as a boot device from SRM. Easiest way to
> get around this is to have another IDE disk mounted on the onboard
> controller and have it act as /. Then once you have your RAID setup,
> Start moving your mount points over there like /usr, /opt, /home ... 

  Nonono! That is not, what I am after. I am simply going to move /data to
RAID, since it needs to be reliable. It would be nice if it was fast, too,
but it is not necessary, reliability is. My /home is backupped to tape,
/usr et al. can be reinstalled in a matter of hours (/etc is backupped,
too) but /data contains tens of gigabytes of results of scientific
simulations... rather nasty to back those up.

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