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Re: installing ccc

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Phil Carmody wrote:

--- Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> wrote:

apt-get install cxx

and follow the instructions (or to get the instructions first, apt-cache show cxx). Drop "software/" from the URL to avoid having to follow the redirect.

Been there, bought the T-shirt:

-/->  http://www.tru64unix.compaq.com/linux/compaq_cxx/index.html
Not found. The requested object does not exist on the server. Either that or yadda
yadda yadda.

Found it after a bit of searching. Drop the "index.html" from the last one.

Oops, that's just the info page. To download, go to that main alpha-tools page and click on DOWNLOADS -> Enthusiast... or purchase it of course. The Enthusiast/Education option now requires that you give a reason you should get the software, and they only email you a password to decrypt the RPMs when they've approved your reason!

It seems just about everything has been updated -- including ccc since yesterday's repackaging! I've filed a bunch of new bug reports, but would like to wait a couple of weeks before doing all of the package updates -- things are changing too fast.


-Adam P.

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