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Re: ibook 2 : several question

>I just bought an ibook 700Mhz/14" LCD.
>So far, I succeeded in installing debian in dual boot with Mac OS X, and
>it runs pretty well :-)
>Several remaining problems anyway :
>_ I read pmud's manual : is it right that sleep mode for ibook 700Mhz
>is not supported ? It's not clear in the manual, but the /etc/power/pwrctl
>script say so. Can anybody confirm ?

Well, pmud isn't clear. Actually, it should work, though I had reports
of some users of this machine telling me it tends to lockup on wakeup,
I'm investigating.

>_ DRI : the dri module is loaded (thanks to src from http://
>Glxinfo reports dri is ok :
>direct rendering: Yes
>But any GL app freezes X (I use Xfree4.2 from http://people.debian.org/
>Someone with more luck than me ?

No. You have a Radeon M6 chip, the same chip I have in my rev. 2 tipb,
and currently, the DRI trunk driver doesn't work on it. (I have the
exact same symptoms here). Hopefully, Michel will have that fixed

>_ I has a problem of kernel compil : (benh-ibook-2.4.20-pre4-ben0)
>A non existent symbol in the compil of sunrpc. Is this problem already
>reported ?
>unresolved symbol local_flush_tlb_page
>A grep on the kernel src tree shows the definition of this symbol in
>if it can help ...

Didn't have that problem, weird. I'd suggest rsync'ing again, and
making sure you do a complete fresh build (save your .config,
make distclean, restore your .config, make oldconfig, then make
dep, make and make modules)
>_ Very disturbing problem of clock syncronising between OS X and Linux,
>already reported
>in the mailing list. But I have not seen a solution. Help ?

Yah, OS X is nasty, I'm not sure what's up exacty with it. We used to
have no problem with OS 9 as OS 9 stored the date as local time in the
RTC. It seems OS X is behaving differently though we didn't yet figure
out how exactly yet.

>If you have any information on the previous problems, thank you in advance.
>If not, thank you for you reading :-)

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