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Re: Installing woody on UDB

jaap.hogenberg@nl.abnamro.com writes:

> I recently tried a debian install on a UDB/Multia box , and now I
> seem to be stuck in dselect.
> After that , I am presented with dselect , to add software packages
> , but whatever choices I make , I end up with dependence problems
> that indicate glibc has a conflict with glibc-dev. When I try to
> deselect the software that causes the conflict, it breaks even more
> dependencies.
> This was all about 2 weeks ago , but I did not get around to try and
> fix it, so maybe this has improved already , although I have not
> seen any indication of changes being made here on the list. I'm
> guessing not.

If you have tried to install Debian 3.0 aka woody, this might have
been caused by "stable" still pointing to potato on the mirrors at
that time. So please try again.


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