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Installing woody on UDB

Hi all.

I recently tried a debian install on a UDB/Multia box , and now I
seem to be stuck in dselect.
I'm new to debian so the debian package system and software installation
tools are new to me, please bear with me......
I installed the box using the boot/rescue , and the root disk, using
network install,
and that worked fine.
After that , task-select is run , but I do not  want to install any
so I skip that.
(I want to use this box as my wireless gateway/firewall , so I don't need

After that , I am presented with dselect , to add software packages , but
whatever choices I make , I end up with dependence problems that indicate
glibc has a conflict with glibc-dev. When I try to deselect the software
causes the conflict, it breaks even more dependencies.

This was all about 2 weeks ago , but I did not get around to try and fix
so maybe this has improved already , although I have not seen any
of changes being made here on the list. I'm guessing not.

So, does anyone know of a solution for my problem ?
BTW, I've tried to search some mail archives but it seems those have been
unavailable since may 2001 ?? (linuxalpha.org)

I would be most gratefull for any hints !

Regards ,

Jaap Hogenberg

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