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Re: mozilla + 3.0

Peter Watkinson wrote:

I installed Debian woody about 2 months ago. Everything seems OK except
Mozilla bombs out on some websites and then loses all of it's bookmarks. Is
it stable on 3.0? Also is there an easy way to upgrade to 3.0 from woody?
using apt-get?


Peter Watkinson
peter.watkinson1@ntlworld.com <mailto:peter.watkinson1@ntlworld.com>

If you installed Debian Woody and you have kept it up-to-date via apt-get (mainly the new security stuff in the last couple of months), then you already have Debian 3.0! Woody = stable = 3.0 now.

I have been using Mozilla from "unstable" on my Alpha for the last couple of months or so, and it has been running fine, although my use of Mozilla on the Alpha is not nearly as much as on my "main" i386 computer. The alpha has been used in more of a server role in my network. I went to the "unstable" version because one of the "testing" upgrades about 2 months ago just didn't work on my Alpha. The version I have installed here is Mozilla 1.0.0-3 (Debian Package number) whereas the version in Woody is Mozilla 1.0.0-0.woody.1. I know there have been about 2-3 "upgrades" since I went to the "unstable" version of Mozilla, and all seemed to work fine for me. I would infer that one of those ultimately became the package that went into Woody...dunno for sure. Look in the "help" --> "About Mozilla" selection to see which you have installed.

Does your version of Mozilla always bomb out on the same sites or does it seem to be somewhat random? If it is from the same sites, maybe you could list a few and I/WE can see if we can duplicate the problem. You might have problems with sites using flash or java that your browser doesn't support. Java is a problem on the Alpha currently....

If you find you have the current version from Woody, you might consider trying out the one in "unstable".

The answer to your "apt-get" question is yes. The exact procedure you use depends upon where you are starting from. If you already have most of Woody installed, just pointing your sources.list towards "woody" and doing an "apt-get update" then an "apt-get upgrade" will probably get all the current packages on your system. Be sure to include the new Woody security pointer too. There are quite a few security upgrades in there now.

There are variations on this theme that you can use... "apt-get dist-upgrade" or "apt-get dselect-upgrade" instead of the "apt-get upgrade" will provide some addtional stuff such as all the recommended packages, etc. Hint: if it wants to install over 200 packages, then you probably DON'T have Woody/3.0 installed!

-Don Spoon-

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