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Re: booting on a microway alpha box

Douglas Fils <fils@pc1.physics.iastate.edu> writes:

> I've been searching FAQ's and the net for information about booting a
> microway alpha workstation. (currently running RedHat 6.2)
> EB164 (lx164 variation) 
> I can get the system to start the boot, uncompress kernel and begin the
> boot process with Debian 3.0 and 2.2.
> However, I get either kernel frezes on boot or failure to init and I've
> tried all sorts of kernel init/root boot prompt options.
> Has anyone been successfull on a microway alpha box eb164(lx164) and if
> so can you tell me what your boot command from milo looked like?

Since redhat works try putting their kernel on the debian disk or boot
the install ramdisk with your installed kernel. If the kernel has no
ramdisk support, gunzip the ramdisk and dd it to a spare partition
(e.g. zip drive) and boot that.


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