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Re: Booting a XLT300 from the network ??

On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 02:27:32PM +0200, Bart-Jan Vrielink wrote:
> Because my XLT300 has a very noisy harddisk (HP SureStore 2000) I'm
> searching for other ways of booting the machine. Instead of getting me a
> new harddisk (why should I, I still have 10 SureStores...), I noticed
> that a bios upgrade gave me an option to boot from the network.
> I would like to know if this will work in combination with Linux and
> what I need to use as a boot image. I would really like a pointer to a
> FM, because Google fails to provide me one.

This is very unlikely to work; the netboot from AlphaBIOS was never
intended to boot a kernel, IIRC, just some NT maintenance/diagnostic
programs, I believe.

> A related question/problem is swapping over NFS/network on an Alpha. Has
> anyone done that before ??

Sorry, I don't know about this one...


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